Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mark and I ( and Matthew) just returned home from a fabulous trip to Boston. My sister Sarah and her family are living there while Sarah's husband Jake completes his Master's degree at Harvard Business School. With just a few more weeks until graduation (well, actually he graduates the first week of June) , we had to make the trip soon to enjoy having a 24 hour tour guide at our fingertips--thanks Sarah!!

On our first day in Boston we walked the Freedom Trail through the city. On the trail we visited many historically significant sights such as the Old State House, the sight of the Boston Massacre, The cemetery where Ben Franklin, Paul Revere and John Hancock were buried, Paul Revere's home and the Old North Church.

Monday night Mark and I, along with Sarah and cousins Carolyn and David Bokovoy, had dinner in the North End at an amazing italian restaurant called Giacomo's. But that was only the beginning of a night long feeding frenzy. We also indulged in chocolate canollies, over priced chocolates on Newbury Street, and the most amazing hot chocolate ever made at L.A. Burdocks in Harvard Square.

Newport, Rhode island was another highlight of the trip. We loved the seaside feel and and the salt water smell of the air. Best of all was the Cliff Walk which is a 5 mile stretch walk overlooking the ocean and which gives a great view of the many beautiful mansions of Rhode Island.

We spent two days in Cape Cod. We loved the relaxed pace of that area as well as the beautiful architecture. We spent our first day there visiting a working light house and going to the beach at Chatham and Brewster. The second day we drove along route 6A, visiting antique shops along the way. We also went to Hyannis (but didn't see Ted) .
Thursday we had Rebecca with us which was so fun. We stole her away from Steve (not really, he was working) and spent her one week wedding anniversary checking out the sites at Lexington and Concord. We visited the Minuteman Museum, the old North Bridge, Battle Road, the Concord Museum and Kimball Farm for their famous ice cream.On the last day of our trip, we went with Sarah and the boys down to the Public Garden to ride the famous Swan Boats and to shop on Newbury Street--two iconic Boston landmarks.

What a great trip. Thanks again Sarah!!!!