Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caught in the Act

The proof...three cookies with huge baby bites in them.More proof...A chocolatey smile on his face and cookie crumbs everywhere.
Should I be concerned? Is it normal to find that your 17 month old baby has found a stool and pushed it across two rooms in order to eat the chocolate chip cookies on the counter? At first I thought that maybe someone had left the stool there and he just climbed up. But no. After I put the stool back, there he was again pushing it across the floor, heading right back to the cookies. Crazy kid!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

How do you spell relief?

Sorry for the weird title, but really, it was such a Relief to have two of my nearest and dearest's come down and visit me for the weekend. Rachelle and Danee left their kids and hubbies up north and flew down for a WONDERFUL girls weekend with ME! I can't begin to explain how great it was to see them after moving away this fall. It was like a comfy blanket, a tall glass of water on a hot day and a See's Candies Scotch Mallow all in one and somehow going together.
Our weekend was complete with everything a great girl's weekend should have. We shopped, ate at yummy restaurants, went to the beach a couple times, listened to inspiring talks -thanks to Mary Ellen Edmonds speaking in my mom's stake and a Family Symposium in another. We also squeezed in a sewing project and making toffee and still managed to get to bed before two in the morning each night. OOOh, it was so fun.
It seemed so natural to be with my pals again. After I took them to the airport on Sunday morning, I half expected to hear from them later that day asking if they could borrow something, offering to drive my kids somewhere or letting me know about a sale I just couldn't miss. But alas...
But thank goodness I didn't move to ____ (fill in the blank). San Diego has a draw all it's own, and although my friends will protest and say they'd come visit me anywhere if they could, I know that with the beach and sun in my favor I will see them again and again!