Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh oh!

This afternoon, after a very productive morning, we decided to go to Del Mar to enjoy the rest of our day. Right before we left Mark was working on the sprinklers and accidentally broke the sprinkler valve (while the sprinklers were in the ON position). He fiddled around with the valves and tried to turn the main water off but nothing he tried work. I called the water district to see if they could help ( I'm thinking $$$ fines and huge bill if the water stays on forever). They of course weren't working today, so they connected us to their emergency dispatcher.
This is what showed up at our house 10 minutes later.
It caused quite a stir around here. I thought it was hilarious, Abbie was MORTIFIED, Emma was the only one who would pose for a photo, Mark felt just a little sheepish (but he can't help that he is so big and strong that he breaks water valves), the neighbors were curious and some were probably thinking, "Oh shoot, I haven't met the new neighbors yet, I can't just go over there NOW and find out what's happening!" (so they sent their kids instead), and one friend came racing up our driveway to offer to take our kids for a while so we could deal with whatever drama caused the fire truck to be parked outside our house.
And in case you are wondering, the outside water was turned off, the truck left, we went to the beach after all, and best of all, we finally got to see some of our tax dollars working in our favor. What a day!

Not My BEST Idea

A couple of days ago I had the bright idea to put Matthew in his seat with a little snack so I could get a some things done. So I set my 20 month old baby up with apple slices and a mound of peanut butter to dip them in. This is what I came back to. Why didn't I see this one coming?