Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We love where we love, and at Christmas time we love it even more! Every year in December Santa Clause rides down our street on the top of a fire truck to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. He usually comes just about the time we have the kids settled down for the night. All is quiet and then we hear the fire truck siren and "Santa Clause is coming to town" blaring over the loud speaker. That is our warning and within seconds we frantically get them out of bed (actually one year Abbie was in the bathtub and had shampoo in her hair), throw shoes and coats on them and wait for Santa and his elfs. As we wait it's fun to watch neighbors pour out their front doors with their kids thrown over their shoulders too. Tonight Abbie and Emma were reading in bed and I was down stairs with the baby when the infamous siren sounded . They came running down the stairs as I was calling out, "He's here! He's here! Find shoes, get a jacket, He's here!!!!" We got outside just in time to wave hello to Santa and get a few candy canes from his elfs. What a rush!!

Every year we invite our neighbors over to decorate gingerbread houses at Christmastime. The past few years I cheated by using graham crackers to construct the houses instead of making gingerbread. But this year, that all changed, and I actually made all of the houses from scratch. We had a great time decorating, eating and visiting.


Our little Matthew is so much fun. At 2 1/2 months old, he smiles at us and shys away all of the time. He still sleeps alot during the day, but not as much now. He has grown out of his size one diapers as well as his 0-3 month old clothing. Time flies, before we know it he'll be running all over the place. But for now, we are just happy to have him small and cuddly as ever.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

The family was so excited to ride the Polar Express! We were ready and in the cars with time to spare. We arrived at Vivian Park Depot to catch the train only to find out that we were given the wrong instructions. The train departed from the Heber depot--in 15 minutes!!! We were so worried that we would miss our train!! We sped up Provo Canyon as fast as we could, not knowing exactly where to go, but with a few prayers sent upward and Mark's pedal to the metal we made the train--barely!!

Emma had a great time riding the polar express, but being the observant 4 year old that she is, she was perplexed over the fact that there was NO SNOW at the North Pole. When we arrived at the "North Pole" which was represented by christmas lights fashioned to look like they were covering a toymaking village, she noticed the abundance of tumble weeds and clear lack of snow. You can't pull the wool over her eyes!

Watching the Polar Express movie is one thing, but actually living it is another. One evening while in Utah we got on board the Heber Valley Railroad which was decked out as the Polar Express. The train station and train were very festive. On board the train we were served hot cocoa and cookies, sang christmas songs, read the Polar Express book, got a look at the toy workshop at the northpole and had a visit from santa himself!

After just one day at gradma Rowen's house the kids woke up (abbie and cousin's Maddy and Ethan) with red, swollen shut eyes ,clear blisters and red splotches all over their faces. Our first thought was,"oh no, poison oak!!" but then we learned that they had found milk weed and were rubbing the milky liquid from inside of it all over their skin as a lotion. Emma, not pictured, was the only one wise enough not to rub it all over her face. Silly kiddos!!

Our little boy is growing up!