Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grandma's Send-off Party

Grandma Sedgwick is a missionary!!! These pictures are now a couple weeks over due, and my mom has been to the MTC and is now enroute to Texas. We are so excited for her and have already enjoyed hearing about her adventures.
We had a fun send off party for her before she left for the MTC. Texas BBQ for dinner, western wear, big hair, photo opts., cherry spitting seed contests and a little send off program to remind mom how much we love and admire her. It was a perfect night. Look at all of these grandkids who will be praying for Grandma!

Women's cherry pit spitting contest.

Matthew and Stella preparing for the burping contest. What does that have to do with Texas, you ask?

The guys putting their cherry pit spitting skills to the test.

Cowboy boots were a MUST last night.

My two handsome boys.

Don looking good in his hat.

Mom with her kids, just missing Sarah.

I was going for big hair, though I don't think you can tell.

Our host. "Hi, y'alls!