Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Work in Progess

Hey there. Sorry for the messed up blog layout. I am trying to learn how to make a banner (without photoshop or any other cool tool) and will likely fall asleep in my chair before I get it figured out. We took this photo this morning and I want to add it to my banner. So, until it works, my blog might look a little jumbled.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did. So much to be grateful for. I'll post pictures soon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Sweet Son

Last night I went to bed feeling gross. This morning I woke up (if you can call it that since I was awake most of the night) feeling worse. Mark was sweet and got the kids off to school as I sat on the couch--I was sick of my bed by then. After he left I was worried how I was going to handle the morning with my active little guy (see below post). Well, I learned that he is considerate beyond his years. All morning he let me sit on that couch as he watched Thomas the Tank Engine over and over again. Occassionally he brought me some crackers that I had set out on the table. What a sweetie. Thank you, thank you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Within Minutes

Right now this little guy is resting quietly in his crib. Every day, for at least 2 hours, he takes a really good nap. And it's no wonder, when you take into account how much mischief he gets into in a given period of time. For example, let me just recount the last few days around here. Two days ago, while making dinner Emma came into the kitchen to tell me that Matthew had made a big mess in the playroom. What did I find? Soft, squishy, old top ramen noodles ground into the carpet. Fifteen minutes after cleaning that up, Emma found me again...this time he had gotten into the chocolate chips and had eaten/smirred them all over himself and scattered them all over the couch. The funny thing was that while I was cleaning them up, he was still trying to shove as many in his mouth as possible. My last example: yesterday he wanted to watch a movie so I took the opportuntiy to take a quick shower. When I came down stairs he was still seated on the couch, but with the box of fishy crackers (that he found) in his lap. I figured that I could let that slide since I had a nice shower without interruption. However, I then discovered that he not only got into the crackers, but also into all of the vitamins (thank goodness for child locks). He managed to slide a chair over to the counter, climb on, open the cabinets, then find and open one container and shake them all over the countertop. Of course I had to see if he had eaten, any so I stuck one in my mouth. I had a hard time biting through it and when I did, I was sorry. I was rinsing and spitting for a good long time. Disgusting. Needless to say, I felt safe that he hadn't swallowed or eaten anything harmful. But really, what is he going to get into next? And why don't I supervise my child? It all happens too fast, within minutes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


What a fun day! Halloween is always a lot of fun around here. Did some one say, "that's because you are a candy addict--or at least used to be?" Did someone say that?? I thought I heard someone say that. Hum. Anyway, I wasn't sure if Halloween this year was going to be as much fun since the girls and I are on the "candy deal" (NO CANDY for one year). But the day was full of fun activities, a party and trick or treating. NO one missed eating the candy (OK, the girls didn't miss eating the candy--I am still cryin inside). Abbie and Emma while sorting out the goods.

The family gathered for a picture while our pre-trick-or-treating party got underway.

" Spooky Soups" with our neighbors and friends was a fun way to kick start the night. I've already got a plan for next time. How's this...a "Hallo Wiener Roast"

Pumpkin carving is such a mess. But worth it, not only for the cute jack o lanterns, but also for the Parmesan roasted pumpkin seeds that Mark made.


After a two and a half year long break, we finally made it back to Disneyland! What a great place. We had a wonderful time, the kids were in heaven, no one begged for treats and souvenirs, the weather was nice, Mark was with us...perfect days. Our one and only family picture at Disneyland.

Dia de los muertos was being celbrated while we were there.

I know I look frightening, but this picture tells a great story. Here we are in line for our very first ride. Matthew spotted the rockets and HAD to jump aboard. Thank goodness the line was short because, as you can see, he is very excited. It took all of my strength to keep him from climbing over the railing.
So sweet.

More Fall Break

Our school district has a funny schedule. We have a shortened summer (only 8 weeks) and a couple of longer breaks throughout the school year. Modified Traditional. Apparently, during the fall break (this one) is when we are supposed to go to Hawaii along with the rest of the families in our elementary school. Being new to the school, we didn't get the memo in time and had to enjoy our break closer to home.

Mark took a few days off of work so we could all enjoy some time together. We went to Newport Beach for a few days. Though we did spend a lot of time in the MAgic Kingdom, we also enjoyed swimming, the beach and Balboa. The beach pictured above is in Corona Del Mar off of Poppy and PCH. It was beautiful--a great place for tide pools and to watch the sun set over Catalina.

We strolled along the water front on Balboa Island. The little (and not so little) houses on our path were decked out for Halloween.

Matthew and Emma enjoying a quiet moment at the dock.
Show cones the SIZE OF YOUR HEAD!!

It has been such a long time since I have been to Balboa--years. I used to go all of the time in my teens. Things have really changed. But, thank goodness one thing has not--Balboa Bars!! They are still ice cream, chocolate and nut heaven on a stick. Though only Emma and Abbie are pictured here, I am sure you can use your imagination to see me scarffing down my ice cream bar on the other end of the camera.