Thursday, October 14, 2010

Passing the Week

Who is this kid? I know. Where does he get it, SERIOUSLY!

This week has been a little different around here. Both Mark and Abbie have been gone all week. Mark is back east on business and Abbie is at sixth grade camp. Naturally, we have missed them a ton. Nothing is quite the same when the family isn't all together. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that I have enjoyed the lack of fighting among the kiddos, and that the morning and evening routines are a lot quicker, but I miss my Abbie and Mark. I miss the sound of the garage door going up at approx. six o'clock every night, I miss the smooches, I miss the music, the phone ringing (yes, we have hit the time of life when the phone is usually for Abbie when it rings): I miss Mark and Abbie. We have tried to keep ourselves busy though. I thought I'd post a few pictures of what we've been up to.
Leak detection man, ant sprayer, sewing project, taking missionaries to Roberto's on 101, and doctor's appointments not pictured.

We enjoyed a cute Halloween party today with Matthew's play group friends at a nearby park. The kids came dressed in costumes, they decorated cookies and played to their heart's content. It was easy and they were thrilled.
Matthew is all smiles with his friend Jenna and my cousin's son Logan. I was so glad to see cousin Emily today--bummer that we didn't take a picture together--next time.
I love how easily little kids are pleased.

Earlier in the week I took Emma and Matthew to Wayne's World Pumpkin Patch. It's a groovy kind of place that morphs with the seasons. In a few weeks it will be a Christmas tree lot. Usually it's a funky nursery. Today it was bounce house heaven.
The kids loved the free access to the bounce houses. They played and bounced together for an hour and a half.
They also posed for a picture or two.
I loved that this place was really close to home, and yet still felt festive (I don't like the parking lot one day, pumpkin patch the next style).
It was just what we needed to get over the Missing Mark and Abbie Blues. They will be home tomorrow!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

What are the Chances...

that my kids will eat these??? Matthew spotted this stalk of brussle sprouts at Trader Joe's the other day and we both thought they looked pretty cool. Now they are sitting in the fridge (not even the fridge INSIDE the house) just waiting, and staring at me each time I open the door as if to say, "I dare you". I won't be intimidated by veggies, and I actually like brussle sprouts, but I'm just not sure how to get my little darlings to take a bite. Any ideas? What do you do to help your kids eat more adventurously?

Another Invasion

Imagine waking up in the morning, stretching, yawning, and going to the closet to find something to put on for the day. Imagine seeing these little guys all over your clothes!!!! Ewww!! That was our morning today!
Our little piece of paradise came with a price. The ants love it too. I can hear your question, "why don't you just get pest control??" I know, I know, I have considered hiring a pest control service many times, but when it all boils down, I am pretty cheap AND I have discovered how to get rid of these bad boys--at least for months at a time. The liquid ant bait from Home Depot does the trick. All you do is open the bait and set it out when you see a small trail of ants. Then comes the REALLY hard part. You wait and watch as your tiny stream of ants becomes a huge infestation, swarming over everthing near the bait. The hardest part is watching and doing nothing else. IF you can do this for 24 hours, you will find that your ants vanish, dead.

I am in the watching and waiting stage of the game.
It's disgusting and I am thinking about pest control once again, and wishing I wasn't soo cheap.