Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekend Update...

I just wanted to update a few pictures. Last weekend we discovered Imperial Beach in Oceanside. It's a great "all day" kind of beach. It is very accessible, has good bathrooms, a HUGE playgound on the sand, and the best part is the PIER--complete with a Ruby's Diner at the end. I'm not sure what I loved the most...watching the surfers, fishermen and sunset, or enjoying fries and shakes with the kids. It's a toss up.

These other pictures were taken at the Dana Point Harbor--the fresh sea air enhanced Matthew's walking ability!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

...To Grandma's House We Go!

On Sunday we had such a fun visit with Grandma Bird. For those of you who don't know my grandma, let me tell you a little bit about her. First of all, she is 95 years old, though you would never know it by looking at her. In her 95 years she and my grandpa have travelled all over the world--inspiring the adventurous spirit in me, to be sure. She has had many friends and an interesting family , but has lived in only a couple of places. Grandma is known with love for her generosity towards all of her grandkids. We love grandma!!

With this little intro, let me tell you of our fun visit. Grandma greeted us at Freedom Villiage and invited us to her home with lots of kisses to go around. We visited for a while about our moving down here, the kids transition, and about my mom's recent travels. Then she got up and began making delicious ice cream sundaes for us. I got up to help her because I didn't like watching her go to all of that trouble by herself, but she insisted on working alone, so instead I just admired her work. She pulled out five pretty glass dessert bowls and carefully loaded them with strawberry ice cream, bananas, whipped cream , two cookies and a cherry. My girl's large eyes were priceless. Once she finished the sundaes, Grandma served us one by one and we continued talking in between bites.
Grandma probably doesn't have too many opportunities to make sundaes anymore. She probably doesn't have much chance to serve at all. At 95 years, people are usually looking after her. I thought about that as I watched her work and felt grateful for Margaret. I remembered the stories she's told about raking pine needles off of the roof in her high heeled shoes, while enduring her neighbor's complaint that Mr. Bird wouldn't like it. Grandma was a hard worker (some things don't skip a generation) and I'd imagine she still wants to feel useful today. point? Go visit (or write) your grandma. I 'll bet that she's a lot like mine. She'd love the company and might even have some morsels of wisdom (or an ice cream sundae) to pass along--who couldn't use some of that.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Two all beef patties, special sauce...

Great news for all of you McDonald's boycotters out there!!! Because of efforts from families like yours, McDonald's has announced that it will remain neutral in regards to same sex marriage in California. Prior to this, McDonald's had officially offered support to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
Events like this really get me excited. When people take the time to call companies or governments and express their opinion, things change. Not only as an indivual can you feel better knowing that you are taking a stand, but your voice, banded together with others can promote change.
The only problem is that I enjoyed having McDonald's off of our list of fast food choices. I didn't have to say "anything but McDonald's " anymore. My kids knew that we were boycotting the golden arches and never asked. But after the good news of today, I suppose I need to tell my kids the news. I mean, I'd really be missing out on a good teaching moment if I didn't tell them that their efforts (and sacrifice) paid off. Right????? I guess we'll be getting shakes after school today.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Step in the Right Direction

Oh, this feels good. For me, this is kind of like a confession, and it has been long in coming. FIVE years in coming. These shoes. I know. They are terrible. In fact, I'm not sure that terrible is an adequate word to describe my fall/winter boots of the last half decade. I want to say that I don't know why I still have them--and worse yet still wear them, but I do know why. I know exactly why. In fact, these shoes actually say a lot about me. I'm cheap.
Of course, I liked them when I bought them and they were probably in style at the time too. Or at least only out of style for a little while. The problem is that I held on to them for so so long. Maybe it was the cushy sole, or the slick side zipper. Maybe I just liked the worn out toe or the fact that my socks didn't have to match my outfit when I wore these. But mostly, I just never wanted to spend the money when I went out shopping for shoes.
Today I bought a replacement (on sale of course) and I think things are going to change for me. My new shoes are black leather ballet flats-- the cute kind. I got them at Anne Taylor Loft when I was in there looking for something else. I've got a new spring in my step. It's a great feeling to let these shoes go! Talk about starting out the season on the right foot.

Happy Birthday Buddy

Here is our birthday boy!!! I love this little face and what a sweet boy too!!
Higher dad!!! You should hear the giggles from Matthew when Mark throws him up in the air. He loves it. I, on the other hand, don't usually like to see him hurled up in the sky and have to leave the room. But today, in the pool, it was a lot of fun.

After swimming and pizza, it was cake time!! Mark was close by to give Matthew some encouragement.

He started with the Junior Mints.

A little encouragement went a long way!