Wednesday, October 22, 2008

...To Grandma's House We Go!

On Sunday we had such a fun visit with Grandma Bird. For those of you who don't know my grandma, let me tell you a little bit about her. First of all, she is 95 years old, though you would never know it by looking at her. In her 95 years she and my grandpa have travelled all over the world--inspiring the adventurous spirit in me, to be sure. She has had many friends and an interesting family , but has lived in only a couple of places. Grandma is known with love for her generosity towards all of her grandkids. We love grandma!!

With this little intro, let me tell you of our fun visit. Grandma greeted us at Freedom Villiage and invited us to her home with lots of kisses to go around. We visited for a while about our moving down here, the kids transition, and about my mom's recent travels. Then she got up and began making delicious ice cream sundaes for us. I got up to help her because I didn't like watching her go to all of that trouble by herself, but she insisted on working alone, so instead I just admired her work. She pulled out five pretty glass dessert bowls and carefully loaded them with strawberry ice cream, bananas, whipped cream , two cookies and a cherry. My girl's large eyes were priceless. Once she finished the sundaes, Grandma served us one by one and we continued talking in between bites.
Grandma probably doesn't have too many opportunities to make sundaes anymore. She probably doesn't have much chance to serve at all. At 95 years, people are usually looking after her. I thought about that as I watched her work and felt grateful for Margaret. I remembered the stories she's told about raking pine needles off of the roof in her high heeled shoes, while enduring her neighbor's complaint that Mr. Bird wouldn't like it. Grandma was a hard worker (some things don't skip a generation) and I'd imagine she still wants to feel useful today. point? Go visit (or write) your grandma. I 'll bet that she's a lot like mine. She'd love the company and might even have some morsels of wisdom (or an ice cream sundae) to pass along--who couldn't use some of that.


jennie said...

Sorry for the messed up text...I have no idea what I (or shall I say Matthew) did.

Rachelle said...

I loved reading about your Grandma, mine is one of my favorite people to visit with. We still talk on the phone every few days. Thanks for the reminder about how SPECIAL they are!!

April Cobb said...

Inspiring. I just e-mailed my grandma and told her how lucky I feel that my mom got preggers at a dangerously young age so that I could have my grandma around for so much more of my life. Cheers to Grannies! And thanks for reminding me.

Erin said...

I hope I can be a grandma like that! Adventure AND sweets?