Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Father's Day treat!! Today we tried to show our love to Mark by showering him with gifts and filling his belly with all kinds of good things to eat. The girls helped make him breakfast in bed and gave Mark a back massage while he waited for his omlette (which he only gets about twice a year because I HATE eggs). Later in the day, after yet more great food, Abbie played the piano and Emma performed a dance that she is practicing for an upcoming show. Not to be out done by his big sisters, Matthew performed too, by crawling across the floor for the first time (give or take a few stumbles)!!!!!!

The video is from Saturday afternoon when he was practicing.

Awesome Swimmer

One of the things we enjoy about the summer is watching Abbie compete at weekly swim meets. This week Mark filmed as Abbie swam the 50 yard freestyle. As you'll see here she is quite a good little swimmer and very fast. She finished this race in 39.63 seconds ( .04 seconds faster than her personal best) and earned a second place ribbon. Go Abbie!!!!

Summer Has Begun

School is out and summer has officially begun for us around here! Emma "graduated" from preschool at the end of May and is really excited or nervous about going to kindergarten-depending on the day. Abbie finished third grade and is definitely to be a forth grader!

Pictured here is Emma at her graduation celebration and Abbie at home, with the girls from her class, for an end of school year bash!!!