Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break in Utah

During our first week of spring break we hit the road for a fun filled trip to Utah. We really enjoyed the time we spend with our family there and also loved (kind of) the snowy weather. Here are a few highlights from our week. We enjoyed a couple of days of skiing. Good job Emma on your first time skiing!

Our kids probably enjoyed the day on Boots and Jean's farm in Heber the most of all of our activites this week. Our host Jean gave Abbie her first driving lesson. All the kids got in on the horse brushing action.

Emma loved exploring the hayloft... when she wasn't collecting eggs, caring for cats, playing with bunnies, brushing goats, and riding horses and donkeys.
Riding in the Model A Ford with Grandma and Grandpa was a hoot.
Emma could get used to farm life.
Abbie took Matthew out for his first ride on a horse.
As a little side trip, we hit the Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas for some Petroglyph hunting. We found tons on a small mile hike that we took. We like to break up the long drive to Utah by seeing some of the sights along the way.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I just had to take a picture for posterity's sake. Matthew is taking his afternoon nap. There is nothing special about that, he has taken a three hour afternoon nap since he was a small baby. But, he is sleeping in a BIG BOY BED for the first time!!! Way to go Matthew!! My little guy is growing up. **sniff**