Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Officially Summer

It's Monday morning and I haven't seen or heard from my kids for over an hour. My guess is that they are running up and down our street, playing with other kids who are as excited as they are that summer has officially started. I can say with certainty that two of my kids are dressed for the day **thank goodness**. I can say with just as much certainty that my youngest is running amuck in his green Santa Claus PJ's. But I guess I am OK with that too. After all, I am still in my PJ's as well. I get it. And though I am not running amuck in the neighborhood (yet) I am wandering around our home from mess to mess, eating a piece of toast, and wondering if I should even bother getting dressed for the day. After all, swimming lessons are in just a couple of hours and then we will be at the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Really, why bother, right??

I think I am going to enjoy this summer.