Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ok, all of you bloggers out there, be aware because this could happen to you too!! I have been TAGGED. Tag, you're it. Yes, tagged. So I guess I am supposed to list a few things that you might not know about me, the tagged one. Here goes.

1. I am CONDIMENTOPHOBIC. Yes, it is the truth, use of an excessive amount of condiments really freaks me out. It all started when I was a kid and I slept over with a neighbor who ate butter and squeezed disgusting amounts of catsups on her cooked carrots. From that time on, I have gotten grossed out when I see someone lick any type of condiment off a knife. Also, I must butter my own toast and I cannot eat tuna fish if someone other than myself makes it--too much squeeky mayo, and speaking of mayo, just don't tell me if it is in the casserole you are feeding me--I won't be able to eat it.
2. If I wasn't doing my dream job, my next best job choice would be to host a cable TV show as a travelling food critic.The only catch would be that I would get to choose what kinds of foods I ate--no eggs or excessive condiments.
3. I, too, am a toilet paper snob (you know who you are). Who wouldn't rather enjoy the softness of Charmin over the other alternatives? I have even had people ask me what brand I buy. If you are going to splurge on something, why not splurge on something you use everyday.
4. I love Kettle brand potato chips. They are thick and extra crispy AND come in really fun flavors like Spicy Thai, and Buffalo Blue Cheese. Plus, they aren't as bad for you as other chips-somehow.
5. I would rather do almost anything instead of emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry.
6. I am adventureous and love to travel. I would feel comfortable going just about anywhere. But keep me home and set me on top of a horse, or any other living creature, and I would be tense and very UNcomfortable.
7. I love french soaps. I first fell in love with them on a trip to the French Riviera with my mom where we collected them from all of the little sea side villages we explored. I love their yummy fragrances as well as their long lasting nature. So good!
7. I feel very blessed in my life. I have a wonderful husband--really he is so great, three healthy children, good friends, a comfortable home and most of all, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That was my list. This time you are all safe. But next time I am tagged, watch out because you may find that YOU"RE IT!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Abigail is a typical 8 year old who doesn't like practicing piano. I am a typical mom who also didn't like practicing piano as a kid, and is now forcing my child to play! Even though practicing the piano isn't her favorite thing to do, she is really progressing. She has worked on this song for a little while now, and even plays it for us in the mornings before scripture study.

When Abbie isn't playing We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet, she is attending third grade and can humbly boast of the most beautiful cursive writing in her class as well as consistent 100%'s on her spelling tests. Outside of school, Abbie loves her jazz class, the swim team and the Sing and Dance performance group. She is a great helper with her little brother, but true to her word, she can't change a boy's diaper because (as she told us when we found out that we were having a boy), "that little dangly thing really freaks me out!"

Friday, November 9, 2007

Her face says it all. I tell ya, the girl is crazy. Abbie and her friend were playing outside today and were complaining that it was TOOOO HOT outside. They wanted to put bathing suits on and play in the water. Of course, like any other mother with her head screwed on straight, I said, "No, you'll freeze to death. Summer is over." Her response was, "what if we keep our clothes on and use umbrellas?" By this time, I wasn't really paying attention, I guess, because the next thing I knew they were soaking wet, the grass was flooded, and they were laughing their heads off.

Where are they now you might ask...? Stripped of their clothes and wrapped up in new, dry clothes, sitting on the couch trying to warm themselves up-it is NOVEMBER after all.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Emma is quite a little character and has completely memorized this song. For the past few days, "Happy Together" has been blaring from the CD player non-stop. When Emma's not singing at the top of her lungs, she is correcting the rest of us as we are trying to sing at the top of ours. The greatest thing about Emma's love for this song is that she directs the words to whomever she is singing with and makes them feel like a million bucks as she acts out motions to go along with the song.

When Emma is not singing, she is enjoying being a normal four year old. She attends preschool three times a week, dances in a tap/ballet combo class, plays with her friends and dreams of owning a motorhome some day soon. One thing Emma does not enjoy is being the center of attention. She says she doesn't like to be laughed at... "even when you are enjoying me!"

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Today was Matthew's blessing day. It was a very nice day--a beautiful fall day for our area. The sky was clear blue, the autumn leaves were lovely and the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees. We felt so blessed to have Grandma Funk with us too! The blessing Mark gave Matthew was very nice and provided a glimpse of Heavenly Father's love for Matthew and a look to the future for this special boy.

It's always fun to be a little spontaneous!! This week we played hookie from school, work and home responsiblities when our friends offered us a hotel room up at Lake Tahoe for the night. We arrived on Monday night with just enough time for the girls to turn the fireplace on and off a half a million times, eat popcorn, and get thoroughly wound up before bed. On Tuesday, I took the girls for a morning swim in the 85 degree pool while Mark did a little work (he couldn't completely play hookie) then we spent the rest of the day checking out Heavenly Village and on a very beautiful walk to see some spawning salmon near the lake. We had a terrific time and got thank you's from our girls for a couple of days later. When asked what their favorite part of the trip was, they both said it was watching TV from their very own bed in the hotel room!!

Abbie and Emma love Halloween! When else can they dress up, wear mom's makeup and pig out on candy all on the same night. This year, though, I thought that I had it all figured out by offering to trade them their candy for a toy. It has worked before, and I thought that Emma was all for it this year, but as soon as they dumped out their candy and saw their loot, it was all over--they wanted it all.

This was a very happy day for Mark. Father and Son camp outs...HERE HE COMES!!

A little boy was never as loved and admired as this one!

From day one, the mothering instincts in these two girls have been 100%!! They dote on him like crazy and have been very helpful--even with the yucky stuff!

Our "biggest" news... Matthew Donald Rowen born 26 September 2007!

O.K. Here first attempt at blogging. I feel so 2007!! I thought that I would use this page to record some of the fun things my family has been up to. The last few weeks have been very busy. On 26 September, our little Matthew was born and we are all head over heals in love with our little guy. He is a great baby and makes being out numbered wonderful. That's not to say that everything is always easy. I have realized, or should I say remembered, that life operates at a much slower speed with a newborn. I don't have the talent of being a nursing multi-tasker so I spend a lot of time on the couch loooking around at all that is left undone. I once tried the "I Dream of Geenie blink and nod" while nursing but the dished stayed on the table and unfortunately the clothes were still in the dryer. It's all right thought, I love being a mother of a baby again!!!