Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We love where we love, and at Christmas time we love it even more! Every year in December Santa Clause rides down our street on the top of a fire truck to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. He usually comes just about the time we have the kids settled down for the night. All is quiet and then we hear the fire truck siren and "Santa Clause is coming to town" blaring over the loud speaker. That is our warning and within seconds we frantically get them out of bed (actually one year Abbie was in the bathtub and had shampoo in her hair), throw shoes and coats on them and wait for Santa and his elfs. As we wait it's fun to watch neighbors pour out their front doors with their kids thrown over their shoulders too. Tonight Abbie and Emma were reading in bed and I was down stairs with the baby when the infamous siren sounded . They came running down the stairs as I was calling out, "He's here! He's here! Find shoes, get a jacket, He's here!!!!" We got outside just in time to wave hello to Santa and get a few candy canes from his elfs. What a rush!!

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Danee said...

Ok that is something that we totally miss about living in Rocklin. My kids were so sad reading your blog when they realized that Santa will not be coming to Penryn on his firetruck.