Saturday, April 26, 2008

Date with Emma

Emma and I spent the morning together, along with her preschool class, at the Sacramento Zoo. We had a great time watching the zoo animals. Emma liked the monkeys and my favs were the giraffes.
The Sac Zoo is a nice one for a quick morning outing. It takes two hours at most to get through the entire place. It is located in Land Park which is an area of Sacramento with acres of beautiful, mature trees, a little lake with a huge duck population, and a couple of other attractions like Fairytale Town and Thunder (something) which is a small amusement park. LOTS OF FUN.


April Cobb said...

Very sweet. Take lots of pictures so they remember those fun times you spent with them and only them. The giraffes are my favorite too.

Erika said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful mom. What a fun day together!

Sarah & Jake said...

Looks like a fun day. You look so pretty in this picture!