Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Girl

Around here we have a birthday tradition that NEVER changes. We all request the same mint and chip ice cream cake year in and year out for our birthdays. Emma, on the other hand, wanted to mix things up a little and ordered an icecream CUPCAKE made with white cake (instead of chocolate) and pineapple coconut ice cream.

This week Emma Virginia turned 5 years old! We can't believe how much she has grown. In honor of her five delightful years as a part of our family, here are five things we LOVE about Emma!
1. Emma quickly obeys-- and I mean ALWAYS. We depend on it. I don't know what would happen around here if she wasn't--the earth would probably stop rotating.
2. She is hilarious and speaks her mind. Today at church she said, "Mom, I think I already told you this but I don't like church. You just have to be quiet and in Primary they AlWAYS say they are going to bring candy and then they NEVER do."
3. She loves to be my buddy and if I ever am in need of someone to always agree with me, she's my gal.
4. She's very shy around strangers and yet she's a great performer. It's very hard to get Emma to talk to an adult she doesn't know, but she will sing and dance for them--no problem.
5. She helps make our home a fun and happy place to live. We are all thankful for our sweety!!


April Cobb said...

With that said, we all need an Emma around. Can she come over and coach my kids on the obedience thing? And our Savannah used to love church, but now she says the same thing that Emma says and that we all said at that age. I am delighted that you have such a sweet child.

Danee said...

Oh Emma - I can not believe what a big girl you are. I remember coing to see you in the hospital. You have been so beautiful from the day you were born. You have always amazed me with your vocabulary since you were a tiny girl. I am so glad to her that you are so obedient for your mom. There is almost nothing greater than that. I liked your birthday cupcake. We love to make your family's giant chocolate chip one but we may have to try this one out now too. Happy birthday! Abbie - Great job on the swimming. You are amazing. We loved your cool camo swim cap. We miss you guys so much.