Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting there is half the fun!

If you prefer to read about events as they happen chronologically (as I admit, I do) , scroll down, read about Cedar Breaks and then scroll back up (Unfortunately, this posting is turning into an IQ test. I really need to read Blogging for Dummies because I have spent too much time trying to move these photos of Cove Fort below the pictures of Cedar Breaks).

A stop at Cove Fort was next on our agenda, preceded by a quick picnic on the grass outside. Cove Fort was great. We loved learning about life for the Hinckley family during their days here. Ira Hinckley (President Hinckley's grandfather) was asked to build this fort as a way station for early travelers. After the fort was built, it became a center for activity--complete with a telgraph station, post office, dinner and beds for travelers, a blacksmith shop, huge barn etc. Our kids were facinated by all of the artifacts from the time period. They just loved it.This summer we took our first road trip as a family from So.Cal to Utah. It can be quite a daunting drive with three children, as many know. WELL, WELL, WELL, we made the most of our drive to Grandma's this summer and definitely went over the mountains and throught the woods.

We left our home on Friday at noon and drove through the Mojave desert to Las Vegas, arriving around 5PM. First of all, I had forgotten how much I disliked Vegas. To be fair, I should actually say that what I really hate is the strip. It's such a filthy, keep your eyes low, kind of a place. But, on the positive side, staying in Vegas did give us the opportunity to enjoy a few stops on Saturday morning... Abbie loved all of the wild flowers at Cedar Breaks. We ALL loved the cool, crisp air. Seriously, the freshnes of the air, after driving through the hot desert was dreamy! Matthew, in particular, was totally excited by the views. "Abba, Ewww", "momma, momma!" translation..."Abbie, look, isn't that neat?", "Mom, you've gotta see this!"
Here's the whole gang at one of the beautiful look out spots. We all loved Cedar Breaks. It was a short distance out of our way, but the views and fresh air (minus a few cracks of thunder that terrified Emma) made the side trip 100% worth it.

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You have such a darling family! :)