Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Or totally disgusting??? This morning that pesky leprechaun had a little bit o'fun at my family's expense. The cushions on our couch were all in disarray, the milk was green, etc. He also turned our hashbrowns greenish. I thought it was kind of cute--that silly little guy, but not everyone in my family had the same feeling about the matter. Delicious hashbrowned potatoes, cooked in a combination of butter and olive oil, lightly salted and covered in a sprinkling of paprika , pepper and a little green magic.

Matthew chose to focus on the bucket full o'treats rather than even try any of his breakfast.
Emma began eating her's until she finally stopped and said that she just couldn't eat any more because "they SICK ME OUT!!!"
Better luck next time Mr. Leprechaun.


Baxter's said...

Hilarious you mention it...Garrett wouldn't even try the green rice for dinner. Just looked too strange.

April Cobb said...

All that effort for nothing. I think you did a good mom thing. All the lep dude did for us was drop off a box of lucky charms. I better work on things for next year.