Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disneyland (With a Camera)

Make way for Emma and Mark!

We love going to Disneyland and have really gotten our money's worth from our passes this year. We don't, however, like to bring our camera. It's too big and fancy and we can't leave it in the stroller, or put it in our pocket (please tell Mark I want a small camera for Christmas) so it stays at home. Yesterday we figured it had to come along. We needed at least a little documentation. Big bummer for me though because we forgot to take any of the very necessary family pictures in front of the castle, or the big Mickey flower thing in front, or the main street cuteness. So, I am afraid that the camera will have to join us ONE MORE time (probably). But for now, here are a few of the shots that we did manage to take at the Magic Kingdom.

Waiting for the train around the world.
The line for Autopia was a little long. I thought taking pictures would help pass the time.
Matthew LOVES the rockets.

You've gotta love how Matthew poses for a picture.
So, this may be all you ever see of the Rowen family at Disneyland this year. But, who knows, maybe I will muster up the strength to bring the camera along next time--and actually use it too.


Jessica Sedgwick said...

Next time you want to take just the girls, I'll trade you Matthew for Lucy and Madison. :)

Jessica Sedgwick said...

You can even borrow my small camera. :) Dave got me one for Christmas last year, and I carry it in my purse all the time. It's so nice for whenever I need pictures and don't want to take my big one. Or whenever I need a spontaneous picture!