Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Boy

"Is my birthday here?" This is what Matthew wondered this morning when he woke up to blue streamers in his doorway and Fruitloops on the kitchen table. We love this guy and had a fun time singing to him and telling him why we love him so much. Matthew is the life of the party around here. It is hilarious (most of the time) to hear him repeating all that we say and coming up with some pretty fun sayings of his own. He is loveable, sweet, tough, competely potty trained (yes, I count this as one of the traits I love about him), my helper in the kitchen, a great prayer, not a huge mess maker, loves anything with wheels and has a great imagination. We all feel so blessed that he his part of our family. Happy third birthday buddy!! He'd been looking forward to blowing out his candles all afternoon.

The superhero costumes were as much a present for Mark as they were for Matthew. I don't think Mark liked coming home from work and seeing Matthew running around in Emma's old Snow White dress. Obviously Matthew loves the superhero look too!

Everyone wanted to help Matthew out with his new toys.


Janice said...

Three year old boys are some of my favorite people. I love being the mother of boys and three was always my favorite age. Happy Birthday Matthew!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Happy Birthday, Matthew! We have some superhero costumes he could borrow. They might still be a little big for him, though.