Friday, July 20, 2012

Can It Already Be JULY??

Really?  Since so much time has passed I really don't know where to begin.  "It's been busy around here."  "I haven't had time to blog." "A dog ate my computer!" All good excuses for not blogging for so long, but the truth is I just didn't feel like it. But today I downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera while the baby was napping and figured that it was time to jump back on the wagon.  So here goes... Instead of trying to backtrack since February, I am going to jump right into our trip to Utah two weeks ago. 
 The forth of July in Utah is wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed all that was going on there.  We ran in the Freedom Run (Mark ran with Mike who ran for the first time since his stroke 16 years ago), watched the balloon launch, watched a play about liberty thru the ages while eating shaved ice, BBQ'd, swam, and watched fireworks from Aunt Lolly's house.  Speaking of fireworks--Mark proposed to me again before the fireworks started since we were in the very same location, on the very same deck when he did it the first time.  Aunt Lolly called for a "reinactment" and my girls LOVED it. Good times. I said yes again. You bet I did!! 
 After the forth, we went up to Sundance for a few days to enjoy some cooler weather and the mountains.  Mike and Hilary and their family came too and Grandma and Grandpa popped in as much as they could. On our way back to California we stopped in Zion National Park.  What I am wondering now is why we hadn't ever done that before.  It was so beautiful and alot of fun.  We hiked in the morning or late afternoon and played in the river or pool during midday.  Perfect.  We'll definitely do this again.  OK, now for a few pictures.
Here's the family at the beginning of the trail through Cascade Springs

Over exposed picture of Maddy and Emma at the Balloon launch.  Seriously, I have some many cool pictures of that morning, why am I too lazy to replace this one?

Beautiful Sundance

Matthew walking into the park.  Our hotel was perfectly located and we walked into the park each day.

Provo parade. So fun.

While up at Sundance Mark and I snuck away for a peaceful hot cocoa and to watch the rain (which only lasted an hour).

Playing in the Virgin River.

Are you wondering why my pictures are all out of order?  So am I. 

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