Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Beautiful Tuesday

It is easy to see the beauty all around you when you start off your day on the right foot. This morning, after dropping Matthew off at preschool, I was headed to the grocery store. I was over in Encinitas near the local Sprout's--I was also fairly close to the ocean. Well, not really, I couldn't see it from where I was, but it called to me. It said something like, "you can grocery shop later...come, walk along the 101...I promise you'll be glad you did...the dolphins are out playing, maybe you'll see one (I did)...It's beautiful out today..." CRAZY. The next thing I knew, I had passed the store parking lot and was pulling into the lot at Swami's. What a perfect way to begin my day. I promise to always listen when the ocean speaks to me.

Later, at home after my lovely three mile walk along the coast, I noticed many other beautiful things. Like this little guy. He's almost four months old now and is the sweetest baby we could have hoped for.

And..I can't decide whether I like the pink bougainvillea that are finally growning on our hill more, or if I like the sight of a chocolate covered cinamon bear with his head bitten off better . They are both beautiful, if you ask me.

I love seeing this guy eat a good lunch, even if he had a few gummy worms on his plate next to his sandwich. He usually eats like a bird.

And finally for this Ode to Tuesday post, I love the color of this freshly squeezed, and already completely consumed, orange juice. Just beautiful, don't you think? Happy Tuesday.


Rachelle said...

Oh I can hear it calling me too...do you think they'd notice if I head off for Winco, get on 65, then 5 and drive south for 494 miles... it's tempting!! Miss you!

Tricia said...

Oh, envy.... you'd think it was spring or something where you are- sheesh!

So guess where my family decided to go this summer for our annual reunion-- CARLSBAD! I thought of you. =)

Janice said...

Wonderful post.

Baxter's said...

So Jen...we've been working on trying to get back to that ocean that talks to you(I've been trying to listen to the mountains lately...bc it's all I've got)...but I noticed your brother is leaving OC and Danny W left last year...why is everyone leaving? Are they a little crazy? or am I crazy?

April Cobb said...

Almost all of your beautiful Tuesday subjects are California-specific. How is that supposed to inspire me? It only makes me feel left out. I am happy for you and so so so sad for poor me. It is in the low 30s outside my window right now. No dolphins. No oranges (except the ones I bought a Costco.) Somehow we all find beauty in the place we are. But I think I need to come experience some of your kind of beauty soon. :)